Friday, 27 February 2015

Oliver, Shaan, Finn, Praful and Matthew's ICC Cricket World Cup Stats - Part 1


On Saturday 14th February 2015, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 had started off. 

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka

Welcome to the Hagley Oval in Christchurch for the ICC World Cup 2015 opener.               


The winning team and match will be bold.
(c) Captain
(wk) Wicket-Keeper 


New Zealand 331 for 6
Sri Lanka 233 all out


India vs Pakistan

Score: India 300 for 7 vs Pakistan 224 all out

Man of the Match was Virat Kohli for 107 runs.

West Indies vs Ireland


West Indies 304/7
Ireland 307/6

Man of the Match was Paul Stirling for getting 92 runs.

New Zealand vs Scotland

Man of the Match was Trent Boult for 2 for 21 in 6 overs.


Scotland 142 all out
New Zealand 143/7

New Zealand vs England


New Zealand 125/2
England 123 all out

Man of the Match was Tim Southee for 7 for 33. It was the world's third best bowling figures. Behind Australia's Glenn McGrath and Andy Bichel.

Pakistan vs West Indies


West Indies 310/6
Pakistan 160

Man of the Match was Andre Russell for 42 off 13 balls and 3 for 33.

India vs South Africa


India 307/7
South Africa 177 all out

Man of the Match was Shikhar Dhawan for a stunning 137 runs.

England vs Scotland


England 303/8
Scotland 184 all out

Man of the Match was Moeen Ali for 128 runs.

West Indies vs Zimbabwe


West Indies 372/2
Zimbabwe 289

Man of the Match was Chris Gayle for a record breaking score of 215.

It was in these:

Highest score in an ODI World Cup
Third highest score in an ODI.
Highest score in an ODI who is not Indian.
Fastest double-century.
Most sixes in an ODI innings.
Highest ODI partnership with Marlon Samuels for any wicket (372 runs)

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh


Sri Lanka 332/1
Bangladesh 240

Man of the Match was Tillakaratne Dilshan for his career best 161.

South Africa vs West Indies


South Africa 408/5
West Indies 151 all out

Man of the Match was AB de Villiers for 166 off 62. He also got the fastest 150 in ODI's.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

The unexpected by Mila

"Every night on holloween a monster roams the school looking for the bathroom!" Said Joshua. "Okay how about this."said Emma . "Every year Santa comes to town but he's not the only one, there also lives the dark and scary grinch he hurts the good and leaves the bad and he gives candy to all that's sad."oh please, how about this. Once a year all you can hear is ROAR!

.....But that wasn't the kids it was real! The kids shook with fear well the boys did, but not Emma she was braver than all 6 of the boys.

Well it was the scariest night of the year so what if the story's are (gulp) real! This story have been told so many times what if they were telling the truth!"wait, who." Oh right they can here me. Well there are the ghosts who lived in this house they loved to tell story's of scary stuff like themselves. "Wait so the story's are truly real!" Said Tim . But remember that the monster looks for the bathroom!

Wait what's that noise? (HO,ho,ho, merry Halloween!) said Santa the grinch is real too!  Know one knows what happened next.

By Mila 👍

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bring your own device

This year the whole Totara team was allowed to bring their own device for learning. The teachers decided to do this because they thought it would help the children work better and give them an advantage to learning.  Everyone started bringing in devices by the second week, and work seemed so much easier. By the third week almost half of the Totara team had devices and the kids who didn't used iPads and laptops. Everything was much easier especially since we had the new furniture. It was much easier because we can just quickly type down everything we needed to and just send it to our teachers, all so we wouldn't have to wait for the laptops and iPads. we can all so learn about internet safety and we can make slides for presentations or i movie.

By Ruth

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Room 11's Class Treaty

Room 11’s Class Treaty

In Room 11 we…

respect our environment and one another’s property

treat others the way we want to be treated

always show the 3R’s (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience)

follow our treaty rules whether our teacher is in the classroom or not 

give booster statements to everyone

respect the diversity of our class and school

always be ourselves

take turns

work cooperatively and are a team

keep our arms and legs to ourselves

Don’t speak while others are speaking

are smart learners