Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Jacks Report: The Colonisation Of New Zealand.


New Zealand was colonised in the 1800s by the European settlers.

Early Visitors

Abel Tasman was the first to sight new zealand in 1642. He believed it was rich in minerals.
At sight he called it "Saten Landt". He sailed the West Coast but never set foot on New Zealand soil.

James Cook

James Cook was sent to to south continent which was the believed to be rich in minerals.(like Abel Tasman)When they spotted the first bit of New Zealand  they called it Young Nicks Head because that was the boys name who spotted it.

Early Settlers

In 1840 the early settlers were mostly whalers,sealers,missionaries,and immigrants.The settlers went there for work and contact with the Maori.

Arms Trade

The British traded muskets with the Maori for food jade and weapons. The muskets caused war between the Maori tribes and many Maori were killed.


The Maori and the English were living together but with no rules.  They needed a partnership to live peacefully together, this was called the Treaty of Waitangi.  With the singing of the Treaty of Watangi in 1840 New Zealand become a British settlement. English, Australians and the French came to live in New Zealand.

By Jack

Friday, 21 February 2014

How to make a Hackysack

Hacky sack skills!-Large from Courtney on Vimeo.

How to make a Hackysack

-Three diffrent colour balloons.
-half a cup of rice.
-A plastic drink bottle (you don't need it too big).
-A funnel.
-A friend to help.

1.Using the funnel, tip rice into bottle.

2.Blow SOME air into the a balloon you want as bace colour.Ask a friend to pinch the neck of balloon that you have just blew up.

3.Strech the balloon over the lip of the bottle.

4.Tip bottle upside down (still holding the neck of the balloon), now let go and shake bottle.

5.Scrunch up the neck of the balloon and push it into its self.

6.Take the second balloon and snip 3 small holes in the balloon.(it helps to snip off the neck)

7.Repeat Step 6 with the 3rd balloon.

8.Gentley pull the cut balloons over the bace balloon (one at a time).

9.Carefully use your knees to kick your hackysack up into the air and make sure you don`t use your hands.

10.Have fun.

By Matelita,Letisha and Anzac.

We had an awesome time but the clean up was not as fun!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Treaty of Waitangi- White Hat Thinking

Post up your white hat thinking about the Treaty of Waitangi Room 11. We would also love others to add any facts they know.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Room 11 News

Each morning in Room 11 as a writing warm up we write a mini weather report and summarise a news story from CBBC's Newsround website.  This website has interesting and unusual news stories from around the world.  Each day different children in our class will publish their weather report and news.  Here is our first edition from the Room 11 News Team.

Patricias Newscast from Courtney on Vimeo.

Check out these cool cartoons by our budding cartoonist Phoenix