Tuesday, 25 March 2014


WHIZZ! the arrow plunged into Msyqutio's body. We both yelped in pain as Msyqutio went limp and fainted to the ground in shock, I picked him up and ran.

They wouldn't stop shooting, several arrows shot past my ear into the trees ahead.
Msyqutios body was limp and bleeding, I needed to get him to the nurse quickly or Msyqutio would die with me.  THUD one arrow hit home, straight into my thigh. I staggered and waned as I fell to my knees...my world faded away.

I woke up in a strange room "MSYQUTIO!" I yelled and jumped to my feet, only to be answered by a thunderous pain my leg "MOTHER DUCKS AND MAPLE SYRUP!"I cried as I hoped down into the bed and looked at my leg.  It was swollen and purple, while I was looking at my leg I tried to recollect my memories.  Nothing came to me.  "I better not have amnesia...," I murmured sleepily, "I think about it tomorrow..."

"WAKE UP!" yelled Msyqutio "AHHH!"I yelled in replied as I bolted out of my bed and again to be answered by a thunderous pain.

By Jack G

Friday, 21 March 2014

Our first attempt at using the app Show Me in Maths

In maths for statistics we are learning about finding the mean (the average)of results to analyse information.  Oliver made this to show us how...

Monday, 17 March 2014

Shea's Mini Report on the Oscars

                                                                 THE OSCARS

The Oscars started in 1929 in May.The Oscars are held in the States every year.  The awards are given for best picture, best actor, best animated feature, best costume and many more.  The most successful films are Titanic. Titanic got 11 Oscars. Lord of the rings got 11 as well.  The Oscars name  was made in 1931. Before the Oscars were called the people's choice award.  The Trophy is 13 and a half inches and weighs 8 pounds.  There were 18967 votes for the nominees.

By Shea

More from our news team...

Rainbow unicorn from Courtney on Vimeo.

Zebra Report

Zebras come in many species such as the Plains Zebra, Grevy Zebras and Mountain Zebras.
Plains Zebras have 26 stripes per side, Grevys Zebras have 80 stripes per side and Mountain Zebras have 43 stripes per side.
There are around 750,000 Plains Zebras in existence at the moment 2,500 Grevys and around 600-700 mountain Zebras.
 All together that’s around 753,200 Zebras in existence at the moment - more or less. 
These Zebras can run 60KPH max, faster than you can or do go in a car on the way to school!
These amazing creatures do have names, the females are called fillies, males are called colts and babies (before you know what they are going to be) are called foals, they normally have one foal at a time, occasionally they have twins.
These beasts are meat eaters but if prey is scarce they revert to cannibalism- the weaker ones of the pack give their flesh to the stronger ones of the group! 
Lots of Zebras live in zoos but most live in Africa that includes mountains, scrublands, hills and woodlands, and the animal they are closest to horses.

Matelita's Creative Writing

   The seeker
As the sunset hit dawn.  An old forgetful man named Alex was wondering the valley with his dog Betsy, looking to find things that could be useful.  One day as he was exiting the valley, he tripped over something mysterious.
pastedGraphic.pdf“Is it a box, a rock or even some thing worth seeking?” He happily said out loud to himself and Betsy. “I better check this out but first lets see if theres food for you,” he explained.
After he and Betsy had their dinner, Alex remembered to see what he had tripped over. Dunn, Dunn , Dunn!  Surprise it was a rock in a box! “Huh?,” he said, “What is this solid, um oh i know its a stick, wait...no a hat.” So he carried on guessing and at precisely 6 o’clock Alex finally  gave up and at a certain point it had started pouring with rain. “Quick jump up on my arm Betsy, lets go seek for shelter”, Alex said. But after a few hours Alex and Betsy the dog were soaking wet. Not long away from where they were Alex  remembered there was a shelter called “Survivals”.
Half an hour later Alex and Betsy arrived at the place named Survival. They caught a glimpse of a tiny sign... No Dogs allowed! So there was a slight change of plans, they went all the way back to valley. They found themselves even more soaking wet and also  a disgusting smell had developed.  Moving on Alex and Betsy were so cold they had to make themselves squeeze through a medium size cardboard box and cover themselves with newspaper.  They drifted off to sleep.  After 3 hours of sleeping in the cold Alex and Betsy finally woke up.
It was still raining  Alex and Betsy had to figure out how they were going to find shelter....Later Alex spotted 
something....he grabbed a hammer and started combining metal and banging them together also adding to rotten, molding rotten sticks, two humungous sheets of bubble rap with a lot of holes with some patches  here and there. Some old, empty cans of coca cola for decoration  and hey presto there was their shelter problem fixed.
They fell asleep not long after the shelter collapsed.  While this happened Alex and Betsy were still asleep this was a good thing. Luckily they weren't awake or they would have been angry.

At the end Alex and Betsy found another seeker his name was......... 

If you enjoyed part 1 I guarantee you would love part 2.
By Matelita

Making Graphs using Numbers on Mac

Links to help you make a pie graph and bar graph in numbers with your data...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Zac, Wyatt and Charlie's Sequel to Jaws...using the Stopmotion App on the Ipad

Untitled from Courtney on Vimeo.

Shaun Tan Report by Paloma

Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan grew up in Western Australia. He has created picture books like The Lost Thing and The Rabbits.  He does paintings that look like a real picture.When Shaun Tan went to school he was known as a good drawer.

Shaun Tan began doing drawing and paintings for fiction and horror stories. He has written books such as The Rabbits, Red Tree, Tales from outer suburbia and the well known wordless novel The Arrival. He does lots of cool paintings. He doesn`t usually sell his artwork from his books.

Shaun Tan is a great author and fantastic at drawing.

By Paloma.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The great quill and ink making experiment

Room 11 have been learning about colonisation so during writing we made quills and ink and tried writing like they did in the early days.  We really enjoyed it.  

Here is how we did it so you can try...

How to make Ink

What you will need
1. Blackberries, strawberries or blueberries.

2. Vinegar and salt

3. A tea spoon or if have 1/2 tea spoon

4. A bowl, sieve and cup

5. A turkey, goose or swan quill will do (but turkey is best)

6. Scissors and a skewer.

What to do for the ink:

1. Grab you blueberry strawberry or black berry and put them in your cup up to half way make sure there not frozen. Put them in you sieve. Then put your sieve over you bowl and squash the berry your using with you cup untill the juise comes out. (if you think it not enought get some more berrys and squash some more)

2. Put half a tea spoon or vinegar and salt and put in the bowl and mix well (with your spoon)


How to make your own quill pen

What you need:
A feather

1. Now get you goose, turkey or swan quil.
2. Snip the end of quill on an angle
3. Grab you skewer and stick it up the bit at the bottom that you sinped, and stick your skewer up you quill and get the membrane out.
4. Cut a centreline for the ink to follow


(You can find lots of clips on youtube to help you with this)

By Jack L