Sunday, 13 September 2015

Plastic Plastic Plastic!

This week Room 11 have been exploring plastic and it's horrific effects on our environment.  We watched documentaries and read some very informative school journal articles.  We were shocked with what we learnt, we decided to write persuasive letters to John Key and other World leaders about this problem.

Here is Noah's letter...

9th September
44 Surrey Crescent
Room 11
Grey Lynn school

Dear John Key,

I hope this gets to you and if it does, what is going on?!?!?! New Zealand is making so much plastic that the oceans are being taken over by plastic. Plastic is overflowing rivers, wasting precious resources and killing animals cruelly. We are literally destroying the world around us.
Plastic is creating deadly chemicals which contribute to the ozones destruction.

You probably know this but all plastic that goes into waterways spins around and ends up in the great pacific garbage patch which is bigger than Texas. When I watched a video about plastic, I saw big rivers filled to the brim in plastic bags and styrofoam cups. It's so disgusting!!! When I go fishing I see fish swimming around in the water being strangled by plastic getting stuck in the their throats, but luckily for them me and my dad save them.

I say, actually we say (room 11) that all plastic should be banned except for when it is the only choice, and I mean really the only choice! Also I'd like to ask you something is this to much to ask??? Secondly, what are YOU doing to help, if you are it's not enough! As the prime minister you should be doing something serious (hint, banning plastic)

I strongly believe unnecessary plastic be banned and you should to. Take part in the banning of plastic, it's not good, it's terrible. Come on John Key put some action into this!! Plastic is polluting our environment. Come on let's rid of plastic!

Yours sincerely,

Friday, 28 August 2015

Inner City Soccer Review

Inner City Soccer: Grey Lynn A team review by Shaan

Inner City Soccer was held yesterday at Seddon Fields turf grounds, the home ground of Western Springs Football. There were 12 schools that came down. I was representing Grey Lynn School in the A team. We were in Pool A for the A grade.

Our first game was against Pt Chev. It wasn't the greatest of starts. The score was a 5-1 loss. The goal for Grey Lynn was scored by me in the first 10 seconds.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 1-5 Pt Chev - game review above

We only had a 5 minute break after that match then we played a fit Herne Bay Marist team where we won our first game of the tournament. The score was a 1-0 win with Oliver skilling the keeper then scoring having a 100% chance of scoring which he did.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 1-0 Marist Herne Bay - game review above

We had another 5 minute break then we played Westmere 2. That game was a great one winning 4-0. I scored 3 goals or another word for it is called a 'hat-trick'. Ty scored the other goal.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 4-0 Westmere 2 - game review above

After our win vs Westmere we had our final 5 minute break for the morning. Next game was vs Kadimah. Their team wasn't good at all thrashing them 19-0. We had hat-tricks from Finn and I scoring 4 and the other hat-tricks were by Harvey and Oliver scoring 3. Lucien, Ethan, Praful, Joseph and Red scored the other goals.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 19-0 Kadimah - game review above

After our massive win we had an extended break for 25 minutes and then we had a bye and then we played against Waiheke side Te Huruhi. That was one of the toughest games we had played yet with a 2-1 loss. Lucian scored the goal. If we drew then we could've made to the finals if Te Huruhi lost to Pt Chev.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 1-2 Te Huruhi - game review above

After our loss we played Westmere 1 and had a really good game. We won 5-2 for our final pool game. The goal scorers were me scoring 2 and Oliver, Finn and Harvey scoring the others. There was a horn  making a noise for full-time and I had the ball and the ref didn't blow his whistle for end of match and I ran with the ball skilling every defender and scoring. After my goal we were celebrating that we won.       

Final Score: Grey Lynn 5-2 Westmere 1 - game review above

After games:

By the skin of the teeth we just didn't make it to the plate final but we finished 3rd in Pool A and 5th out of the 12 schools that had competed. I finished as the school's highest scorer with 10 goals. We had a great day and then we went back to school arriving at 1/4 past 1 in the afternoon.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Mean,Median and Mode Song.

Here is another song that will help you learn Mean,Median and Mode.

Mean,Median,Mode and Range Song

Here is a song that will help you learn Mean,Median,Mode and Range a fun way.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Market Share Game

Market Share game review
By  Riley & Maya

Well, Market Share it’s a board game that will teach you about marketing and owning a company. In the game there's four teams of two or three and the objective is to get the most money from owning companies.

There are dollar notes, There is $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000. One team are the bankers/accountants who look after the bank’s money. Although it is an easy way to get extra money by stealing when you're the banker, it’s still not allowed!!

The game is quite realistic because it shows the ups and downs of owning a big business. One of the downs is that big, wealthy companies are common targets for taking over companies because normally they give you lots of cash!! Another reason why it’s easy to find reality in the game is because, like owning a business, you have to have the right amount of resources to buy a company.

There are different ways to get a company but the most wickedly satisfying is to get a takeover risk card. Although it is easier to just get enough resources and money. But their are Acquisition cards they allow you get more resources.

And there’s a board of course. They have all the companies on it , That you can buy with your money. You also get a pack of counters. There’s Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. When you buy a company you put your coloured counter on the company. You each take turns going around. You get paid when it’s your turn with your “monthly” salary paid by the bank. On your turn you can use any Acquisition Cards or buy a risk card.
     So that is basically all you need to know  about the Market share game. It is a fun but challenging version of monopoly. Good for educational purposes and also just for fun. It is better than monopoly for many reasons. Definitely a good game for those that like games like Monopoly but think that the actual Monopoly is tiresome.
Have Fun Playing Market Share!

Game Review - Market Share by Shaan Vaidya
The game Market $hare is a board game about financial literacy. There is currency in paper notes worth $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000. There is also 64 businesses you can buy, but you can only get it if you have enough resources to buy the businesses.

The businesses are in 5 categories. There is 2 rows of businesses in these categories, Soho, Small and Medium. There is only 1 row of businesses in Large and International. The international businesses are the most expensive, but you can get more income. In Soho it costs less and you get less income.

There are also Acquisition and Risk cards. Acquisition cards get you resources and Risk cards can be something really good or terrible.

The businesses are some of New Zealand’s best. e.g. LG, Air NZ, Bartercard and 61 others. Some are quite popular in the world as well.

This game is packed in a box and it contains this.

  • Game Board
  • 4 Game Booklets for businesses
  • 1 Pack of Acquisition Cards
  • 1 Pack of Risk Cards
  • 1 Pad of Player Sheets
  • 1 Pack of Game Money, currency is $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000.
  • 4 Pencils  
  • 4 sets of coloured counters (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow).

It is a really fun game especially for people who love mathematics. This is a great game for the family, for your friends or other people that are related to you. The game does take a bit long.

It is basically like Monopoly but for me it is way better.

Market Share Review by Matthew

Market Share is a game designed for university students to learn how to manage their money properly,learn how to run a business,learn the risks for running a business and having to calculate tax/other pays. The game is really fun, to most of the people that I played with said it was better than monopoly/the best game they had ever played.
There is lots of different companies life:

Health-Moving Forward, Business insight group, 13 ,Wasp Security, Cabu!!, Titanium, Elias, Jurado, Living Wisdom,
Unique Homes, purple Sherbet, Kingdom Financial Services, Irecraft,, Monty's Promotions LTD, Biz Buzz, Chocolate Brown, Teleport, my tech, online results, RNRV, Fresh As, Remarkable, PushPay, Thereisabetterway, Cranston, KATABOLT, Ultra com, New Zealand Made, PureSEO, New Zealand Trustee, Dad's Pies,Massey Uni, sKids, warehouse stationery, the warehouse, Telecom, Yahoo!, Air New Zealand, AIA, 3M, LG, OfficeMax, etc,etc.
When you own at least one of these businesses, you get paid a monthly income. (Not every month but every turn) each business costs money, you get paid money and on occasion there is a bonus card in the risk pile which gives you a bonus.
My Advice
Market share is a AWESOME game that is soooo addicting,they should add another note like $250,000. It is a epic game and I love to play it.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

WALT-use speech marks correctly in our writing

Watch the slideshow and complete the practice activities on Slide 6,7,8 and 9 in your Literacy books.
Next time you write your own story during independent writing try to use this skill.

Option: Create your own powerpoint or short movie that could teach your other classmates about using speech marks correctly.  Upload it to your blog.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Our Trip to waitakare refuse Center By Matthew- Part 1

On 29 April 2015 Room 11 and 1/2 of room 10 went to the waitakare refuse center. When we got there we were told to go to a small pitch of grass by the classrooms and we were given instructions.

Room 11 first activity was the classroom, in the classroom we learnt about how 65% of all rubbish in red bins isn't sopoused to be there. 10% was green waste, 40% was food waste, 15% was recycling!!! And the last 35% was sopoused to be there.

Our Next activity in the classroom was to sort a bag of rubbish into bins, the bins were: Recycling, Reusable, Paper and Cardboard, Rubbish and food waste. Then after that we had to score the other team out of 10. Shaan was chosen to score he other team out of 10, He gave them 8. Then Maya was chosen to score our team. We did pretty bad but Maya felt generous and gave us 7 and 1/2.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Trip to the Transfer Station

We all learnt alot..Room 11 comment on this post with some of your wonderings or new learning from the trip!

Anzac Poetry


Shells exploding, mines blowing
Marching through the mud below
Through the stressful day and night  
Fighting for their precious life
Bullets blasting the air filled with smoke
Family's are praying their husbands survive
Then poppies give hope
To soldiers within their sight
While poppies stand  
Soldiers fight with might                                      
Their rifles down
They spy on the enemies
Then finally they call a truce
Among everyone throughout the fields
Far and wide and it stops
The dreadfulness stops
Will it happen again?

By Noah


shimmering in the sunset,
The sound of trumpets and voices singing,
Remembering the past when world war 1 was the present.

To remember the loved ones and honor the Brave,
Poppys  on the open dead fields ,
Still growing now poppys all around,

Make us remember the ones who came before us,
In the sunset standing alone the first poppy to ever grow,
Remember the poppies sitting under the twinkling  blue sky.

So remember the sweet sweet Poppies
By Mila

WALT:write take notes from a video and write our own explanations.

Noah's Explanation: How wind is turned into energy?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mind Lab

                                             Mind Lab      

Last week,our class went to the Mind Lab. We learnt how to make solar powered cars,the cars got started and they were off.The race had begun!!! 

Soon we had to light up as many LED lights as we could using a power station, play doh, wire and of course LED lights and we only had fifteen minutes. IT HAD BEGUN!!! Some kids got up to 10 Lights lit up. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Shaan's Cricket World Cup Update

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Australia & New Zealand


QF1: South Africa vs Sri Lanka
Sydney Cricket Ground

Match Summary:

Captains Angelo Mathews and AB de Villiers are out for the toss.
Sri Lanka had won the toss and chose to bat first and posted a not so good total. They posted 133 all out. The star of Sri Lanka’s batters was Kumar Sangakkara who got 45 off 96 balls with 3 fours. The best of the bowlers was Pakistani-born South African Imran Tahir with 4 for 27. Spinner JP Duminy got a hat-trick. The victims were captain Angelo Mathews, Nuwan Kulasekara and Tharindu Kaushal.

Then South Africa were chasing a total of 134 to advance to the Semis and they did that. The star of the South African batters was Quinton de Kock getting 78 off 57 balls with 12 fours. The bowler who got the only wicket was Lasith Malinga.

Scores: Sri Lanka 133 vs 134/1 South Africa
South Africa won by 9 wickets (with 192 balls remaining, 32 overs)

Man of the Match was South Africa’s Imran Tahir.

QF2: India vs Bangladesh
Melbourne Cricket Ground

Match Summary:

Captains MS Dhoni and Mashrafe Mortaza are out for the toss. India won the toss and chose to bat first. They posted a very good score. They posted 302/6 off 50 overs. The star batter was opener Rohit Sharma with 137 off 126 balls with 14 fours and 3 sixes. The star bowler for Bangladesh was 19-year-old Taskin Ahmed with 3 for 69.

Then Bangladesh came into bat chasing 303 off 50 overs. They posted 193 all out. The star of the batters was Nasir Hossain with 35 off 34 balls with 6 fours. The star Indian bowler was Umesh Yadav with 4 for 31.

Scores: India 302/6 vs 193 Bangladesh
India won by 109 runs

Man of the Match was India’s Rohit Sharma.

QF3: Australia vs Pakistan
Adelaide Oval

Match Summary:
Captains Michael Clarke and Misbah ul-Haq are out for the toss. Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat first. They posted a pretty average total of 213 all out. The star of the Pakistani batters was Haris Sohail with 41 off 57 balls and 4 fours. The star bowler from Australia was Josh Hazlewood with 4 for 35.

That sent Australia in to bat with a target of 214 to play India in the 2nd semi-final in Sydney. They did that. The star batter for Australia was Steve Smith with 65 off 69 balls and 7 fours. The pick of the bowlers was Wahab Riaz with 2 for 54 and a fiery spell in his first 4 overs.

Scores: Australia 216/4 vs 213 Pakistan
Australia won by 6 wickets (16.1 overs remaining, 97 balls)

Man of the Match was Australia’s Josh Hazlewood

QF4: New Zealand vs West Indies
WestpacTrust Stadium, Wellington

Match Summary:

Captains Brendon McCullum and Jason Holder are out for the toss. New Zealand won the toss and chose to bat first. They posted a super good total of 393/6. The star batter had the best Cricket World Cup score. That was Martin Guptill with 237 not out off 163 balls with 24 fours and 11 sixes. It was an outstanding performance from the Black Caps opener. The star West Indies bowler was Jerome Taylor with 3 for 71.
That sent West Indies into bat chasing 394 to win. They didn’t do that. Opener Chris Gayle was smacking sixes. He got 8 in total sixes before he got bowled by quickie Adam Milne. They finished all out on 250. The star batter was opener Chris Gayle getting 61 off 33 balls with only 2 fours and 8 sixes. The pick of the Black Caps bowlers was Trent ‘Lightning’ Boult with 4 for 44. Then the semi-finals were announced. The four teams that made it had been 1st or 2nd in their pool.

Scores: New Zealand 393/6 vs 250 West Indies
New Zealand won by 143 runs

Man of the Match was New Zealand’s Martin Guptill.

SF1: New Zealand vs South Africa
Eden Park, Auckland

Match Summary:

Captains Brendon McCullum and AB de Villiers are out for the toss.  South Africa won the toss and chose to bat first. After 38 overs, rain came and that made play reduce to 43 overs. They finished on 281/5 after 43 overs. The star batter was Faf du Plessis getting 82 off 107 balls with 7 fours and 1 six. The star Black Caps bowler was Corey Anderson getting 3 for 72.

That sent New Zealand into bat chasing 298 with D/L (Duckworth/Lewis) method since it was raining and play reduced to 43 overs. Black Caps opener Brendon McCullum was on a roll getting his fifty in 22 balls. Then he got out for 59 off 26 balls with 8 fours and 4 sixes. It came down to do the last over and they needed 12 to win. Daniel Vettori on strike from bowler Dale Steyn.

Commentary from last over:
Ball 1: Steyn runs in, Vettori misses and Elliott calls for a quick single and they get there comfortably.

Ball 2: Elliott swings and it goes high in the air. Someone should catch it and Behardien catches and Duminy makes him drop the catch. That could’ve been a miracle for South Africa and they run for the single.

Ball 3: Steyn bowls wide and Vettori gets an edge and it will run away for 4, great shot by Vettori and third man can’t get there.

Ball 4: Steyn does a bouncer, Vettori misses and Elliott and him run a single.

Ball 5: 5 off 2 balls. Steyn runs in, he bowls on outside off stump and… ELLIOTT HITS IT FOR SIX AND NEW ZEALAND ARE IN THE WORLD CUP FINAL!!! Excitement for New Zealand and tears for South Africa.

Scores: New Zealand 299/6 vs 281/5 South Africa

New Zealand won by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining) (D/L)

SF2: India vs Australia
Sydney Cricket Ground

Match Summary:

Captains MS Dhoni and Michael Clarke go out for the toss.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Softball Field Day


Grey Lynn children that are year 5 or 6 could join.
Grey Lynn school had practises with the coach Uala.
We got into groups.    Team A-Team B.
NOW It came to the best,fun and a bit scary part for some. 
Team A- Won the first game.
Team B- Tied in there first game.
Team A- In there second game they won.
Team B- In Team B second round Team B Lost
Team A- Next round they Won again three in a row.Go Team A!
Team B- Team B Won this game
Team A- They Won again 4 times now.
Team B-Did they make it threw to the semi final..... NO! Team B didn't make it through but they had fun. ^.^
Now the final...  
 People In Team A From grey Lynn school VS Ponsonby... Grey Lynn lost by 1 but Grey Lynn came 2nd and Ponsonby came 1st. 
We celebrated after that we packed up and came back to school.

Monday, 16 March 2015



Power cuts,
wrecked roofs.

Badly injured,
death beds.

Mighty wind,
crying skies.

The cyclone has come,
when will it die?


Rain scratched the street with her merciless nails
Wind pierced hearts with ear-splitting wails

The two tangoed in the austere sky 
It is their choice who lives and who dies

The arch of a rainbow, a thankful dry spell
Would be something worth rewarding quite well

But as the eye roves far from sight 
It is clear the duo have surpassed all hope with a galling bite 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Joe's Poetry: When lightning strikes

When Lightning strikes,

it flashes as electric charges run through
the ground

when lightning strikes
Zeus grows stronger lightning grows hotter

when lightning strikes
grey & rainy skies always follow
eventually Zeus gets tired then
Poseidon takes his place with a storm

The start of our learning about tessellations using reflection, translation and rotation

Tesselations - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires Look for our creations later today...

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Roadkill by Riley


Winter approaches

People are Freezing

Raccoons are packing their bags

Creeping ever so slowly

Not to be caught

Lights flick on

They start to sprint

Though the tall-stalked grass

In to a hidden hole

Out of sight

creeping out carefully 

Not seeing the ROAD





Friday, 27 February 2015

Oliver, Shaan, Finn, Praful and Matthew's ICC Cricket World Cup Stats - Part 1


On Saturday 14th February 2015, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 had started off. 

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka

Welcome to the Hagley Oval in Christchurch for the ICC World Cup 2015 opener.               


The winning team and match will be bold.
(c) Captain
(wk) Wicket-Keeper 


New Zealand 331 for 6
Sri Lanka 233 all out


India vs Pakistan

Score: India 300 for 7 vs Pakistan 224 all out

Man of the Match was Virat Kohli for 107 runs.

West Indies vs Ireland


West Indies 304/7
Ireland 307/6

Man of the Match was Paul Stirling for getting 92 runs.

New Zealand vs Scotland

Man of the Match was Trent Boult for 2 for 21 in 6 overs.


Scotland 142 all out
New Zealand 143/7

New Zealand vs England


New Zealand 125/2
England 123 all out

Man of the Match was Tim Southee for 7 for 33. It was the world's third best bowling figures. Behind Australia's Glenn McGrath and Andy Bichel.

Pakistan vs West Indies


West Indies 310/6
Pakistan 160

Man of the Match was Andre Russell for 42 off 13 balls and 3 for 33.

India vs South Africa


India 307/7
South Africa 177 all out

Man of the Match was Shikhar Dhawan for a stunning 137 runs.

England vs Scotland


England 303/8
Scotland 184 all out

Man of the Match was Moeen Ali for 128 runs.

West Indies vs Zimbabwe


West Indies 372/2
Zimbabwe 289

Man of the Match was Chris Gayle for a record breaking score of 215.

It was in these:

Highest score in an ODI World Cup
Third highest score in an ODI.
Highest score in an ODI who is not Indian.
Fastest double-century.
Most sixes in an ODI innings.
Highest ODI partnership with Marlon Samuels for any wicket (372 runs)

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh


Sri Lanka 332/1
Bangladesh 240

Man of the Match was Tillakaratne Dilshan for his career best 161.

South Africa vs West Indies


South Africa 408/5
West Indies 151 all out

Man of the Match was AB de Villiers for 166 off 62. He also got the fastest 150 in ODI's.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

The unexpected by Mila

"Every night on holloween a monster roams the school looking for the bathroom!" Said Joshua. "Okay how about this."said Emma . "Every year Santa comes to town but he's not the only one, there also lives the dark and scary grinch he hurts the good and leaves the bad and he gives candy to all that's sad."oh please, how about this. Once a year all you can hear is ROAR!

.....But that wasn't the kids it was real! The kids shook with fear well the boys did, but not Emma she was braver than all 6 of the boys.

Well it was the scariest night of the year so what if the story's are (gulp) real! This story have been told so many times what if they were telling the truth!"wait, who." Oh right they can here me. Well there are the ghosts who lived in this house they loved to tell story's of scary stuff like themselves. "Wait so the story's are truly real!" Said Tim . But remember that the monster looks for the bathroom!

Wait what's that noise? (HO,ho,ho, merry Halloween!) said Santa the grinch is real too!  Know one knows what happened next.

By Mila 👍

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bring your own device

This year the whole Totara team was allowed to bring their own device for learning. The teachers decided to do this because they thought it would help the children work better and give them an advantage to learning.  Everyone started bringing in devices by the second week, and work seemed so much easier. By the third week almost half of the Totara team had devices and the kids who didn't used iPads and laptops. Everything was much easier especially since we had the new furniture. It was much easier because we can just quickly type down everything we needed to and just send it to our teachers, all so we wouldn't have to wait for the laptops and iPads. we can all so learn about internet safety and we can make slides for presentations or i movie.

By Ruth

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Room 11's Class Treaty

Room 11’s Class Treaty

In Room 11 we…

respect our environment and one another’s property

treat others the way we want to be treated

always show the 3R’s (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience)

follow our treaty rules whether our teacher is in the classroom or not 

give booster statements to everyone

respect the diversity of our class and school

always be ourselves

take turns

work cooperatively and are a team

keep our arms and legs to ourselves

Don’t speak while others are speaking

are smart learners