Monday, 26 May 2014

Homework Stars!!!!

These people made amazing efforts presenting their homework in different ways last week.

Zack's Wooden Book Advertisement

Maya's Fortune Teller Research

Letishas Home Work - Small from Courtney on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Colonisation Game

Getting ready for our journey to the New World. Check out our daily video blogs from some of our groups...

Colonisation Game Day 1 from Courtney on Vimeo.

Sorry we haven't had a chance to update our video logs have a read of how the game has been going for Ethan and Matelita's groups...

Ethan's Colonisation Diary Days 1-10

Day 1
We're sailing to the new world. We're heading for Savannah we'll land on the 1st of November. Captain Smith said the the trip will be a few days longer because he sneaked four cases of rum on the ship. We're on ship #2 it'll take about 3 months to get there. We're leaving on the 24th of July. There are 100 passengers on board and we can have 2000 lbs. of cargo on the ship. We have two cannons and 20 soldiers on the ship as well.

Day 2
We're loading the ship, on the journey we'll be taking 400 lbs. of food and water and 1600 lbs. of cargo. We have ten cats on board, as well as two cows, three pigs and two goats. We have lots of weapons and ammunition, so we'll be safe. We also have 375 lbs. of loom and four barrels of bribery gifts. We have house hold goods, lye, cloth, medical supplies, building supplies and tools. We have lots more cargo on the boat as well.

Day 3
Today the captain said we had to take away five people of the journey and add 200 lbs. of food and water on board. We took away some loom and added more cows, pigs goats, grain, vegetable seeds. Not much else but we're leaving soon, like really soon. We've also taken away some cats to get an extra barrel of water on to the ship. We're gonna be leaving in a day now, bye see you next time.

Day 4

Wow we're off track by 300  miles! We'll be landing in a different place as well. The worst thing is we lost half of our food supplies.

Day 5
Not much today but we landed perfectly, we've arrived and nobody drowned or died.

Day 6
Today was a really good day we've built the community, We have a mine, boat shed, wharf, two gardens, The doctors, stables, grocer, church, three houses, sleeping place, clothing store, storage, a blacksmith and a school.

Day 7
Today we would have lost some people but since we had two city planners it was alright. Some other people might have died as we'll but we had loom and a weaver. So it was a good day.

Day 8
Nothing much today but we built the community smoothly. Bye!

Day 9
Today we were planting the crops and everything in the gardens. But there was a rumour of cannibalism (people eating other people). So today we lost ten people.

Day 10
Toay we met other tribes and colonists and they treated us fine and we treated them well, so we didn't gain anything or lose anything. It was a really good day today.

Matelita's Diary

Day 1
We are going to Jamestown on ship #2. We leave on June 1st and have to get there by October 5th it should only take 12 weeks and 5 days to get to Jamestown. Our Caption is Caption Jones we are supposed to get there on October but due to the extra weight  from the 25 servants that would make an extra week to get there.

Day 2
We are almost in Jamestown we can only hold 2000 lbs worth of cargo but according to Captain jones we don't have to provide food for  any indentured servants .This is how much tools we need at sea 50 lbs of food and 2 barrels of water per 25 passengers.

Day 3
There has been a misunderstanding with the passengers we have just boarded 8 new passengers on the captains request.

Day 4
It's a new day and to start with the day when  your captain just wakes up from his beauty sleep saying...Why is the ship slow? Why is the ship slow? We should be there already...but without knowing he added extra weight from 8 new passengers meaning that we would have to change everything including our cargo meaning our ship will be behind by a week.

Day 5
We have nearly been attacked by pirates but luckily we have cannons. The worst bit is that we lost 5 passengers including a doctor and half of our children due to drowning.

Day 6
We have just finished building and our next door neighbours have been extra nice meaning they do not hurt us or argue about anything...

We will post the final stages of our game soon...

Monday, 5 May 2014

Beyond the woods where tui's chirp

Beyond the woods where tui's chirp, A peaceful forest lies.
Bright tropical flowers and tall tough trees scrape the beaming sun.
The sun lies on a aqua-marine sky which swallows the gloomy clouds.

Beyond the woods where tui's chirp,
A murky cave absorbs all the light apart from the fractured shining crystals.

Beyond the wood where tui's chirp,
new exotic creatures play blissfully with the leaves that have plummeted to the ground.

Beyond the woods where tui's chirp.

Tui 10