Sunday, 13 September 2015

Plastic Plastic Plastic!

This week Room 11 have been exploring plastic and it's horrific effects on our environment.  We watched documentaries and read some very informative school journal articles.  We were shocked with what we learnt, we decided to write persuasive letters to John Key and other World leaders about this problem.

Here is Noah's letter...

9th September
44 Surrey Crescent
Room 11
Grey Lynn school

Dear John Key,

I hope this gets to you and if it does, what is going on?!?!?! New Zealand is making so much plastic that the oceans are being taken over by plastic. Plastic is overflowing rivers, wasting precious resources and killing animals cruelly. We are literally destroying the world around us.
Plastic is creating deadly chemicals which contribute to the ozones destruction.

You probably know this but all plastic that goes into waterways spins around and ends up in the great pacific garbage patch which is bigger than Texas. When I watched a video about plastic, I saw big rivers filled to the brim in plastic bags and styrofoam cups. It's so disgusting!!! When I go fishing I see fish swimming around in the water being strangled by plastic getting stuck in the their throats, but luckily for them me and my dad save them.

I say, actually we say (room 11) that all plastic should be banned except for when it is the only choice, and I mean really the only choice! Also I'd like to ask you something is this to much to ask??? Secondly, what are YOU doing to help, if you are it's not enough! As the prime minister you should be doing something serious (hint, banning plastic)

I strongly believe unnecessary plastic be banned and you should to. Take part in the banning of plastic, it's not good, it's terrible. Come on John Key put some action into this!! Plastic is polluting our environment. Come on let's rid of plastic!

Yours sincerely,