Friday, 28 August 2015

Inner City Soccer Review

Inner City Soccer: Grey Lynn A team review by Shaan

Inner City Soccer was held yesterday at Seddon Fields turf grounds, the home ground of Western Springs Football. There were 12 schools that came down. I was representing Grey Lynn School in the A team. We were in Pool A for the A grade.

Our first game was against Pt Chev. It wasn't the greatest of starts. The score was a 5-1 loss. The goal for Grey Lynn was scored by me in the first 10 seconds.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 1-5 Pt Chev - game review above

We only had a 5 minute break after that match then we played a fit Herne Bay Marist team where we won our first game of the tournament. The score was a 1-0 win with Oliver skilling the keeper then scoring having a 100% chance of scoring which he did.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 1-0 Marist Herne Bay - game review above

We had another 5 minute break then we played Westmere 2. That game was a great one winning 4-0. I scored 3 goals or another word for it is called a 'hat-trick'. Ty scored the other goal.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 4-0 Westmere 2 - game review above

After our win vs Westmere we had our final 5 minute break for the morning. Next game was vs Kadimah. Their team wasn't good at all thrashing them 19-0. We had hat-tricks from Finn and I scoring 4 and the other hat-tricks were by Harvey and Oliver scoring 3. Lucien, Ethan, Praful, Joseph and Red scored the other goals.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 19-0 Kadimah - game review above

After our massive win we had an extended break for 25 minutes and then we had a bye and then we played against Waiheke side Te Huruhi. That was one of the toughest games we had played yet with a 2-1 loss. Lucian scored the goal. If we drew then we could've made to the finals if Te Huruhi lost to Pt Chev.

Final Score: Grey Lynn 1-2 Te Huruhi - game review above

After our loss we played Westmere 1 and had a really good game. We won 5-2 for our final pool game. The goal scorers were me scoring 2 and Oliver, Finn and Harvey scoring the others. There was a horn  making a noise for full-time and I had the ball and the ref didn't blow his whistle for end of match and I ran with the ball skilling every defender and scoring. After my goal we were celebrating that we won.       

Final Score: Grey Lynn 5-2 Westmere 1 - game review above

After games:

By the skin of the teeth we just didn't make it to the plate final but we finished 3rd in Pool A and 5th out of the 12 schools that had competed. I finished as the school's highest scorer with 10 goals. We had a great day and then we went back to school arriving at 1/4 past 1 in the afternoon.


  1. Awesome hope you had a great time! Emerson

  2. oni Jarmin Deputy Principal Grey Lynn School3 September 2015 at 22:14

    Hi Room 11 and all Year 5/6 students
    Well done on your sporting events. It is great to see you all showing our Grey Lynn School values of reslience and working together. Proud of you all.
    From Toni

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  4. good job scoring all those goals and stuff